Promises of Heaven that lead to Hell…

lance ito

I urge everyone to stay away from this profile pic on Facebook.  This picture is of the public domain clip art, and can be used by anyone, on anything.  He is the best Con-artist I had the displeasure of knowing. Yes, he seems nice, charming and will promise to take you to heaven.  The “promises” he makes seem so sincere, you will believe them. You will feel so connected to him. I could go on and on about this person, as I have in previous posts.  See my “letter” to Fred he’ll never read:

Note: Beware though, he could see this and change his profile pic now that it’s out there.  Please contact me and I will tell you his name, even send you a real picture of him that was taken in public. When it’s obvious your picture is being taken, especially in public, with witnesses, it is with your consent, and is mine to do with what I want, as are emails, messages, etc. (though the email is in his Step-father’s name, as he explained to me that it was because he had to to use his Step-Father’s military discount for orders). I now have nothing left to hide.  I have proof this is all true, it is not libel or slander in any way (discussed this already with an attorney.)

I have not stalked him, or “trolled” his page, nor will I.  I quickly glanced to see if he made his relationship status public, and he did, now “single”. I did call him (before I checked his profile) and left 2 voice mails.  I didn’t threaten him. I called yesterday afternoon, and said that if he didn’t call me, he is admitting he conned me.  He didn’t call. The second, I left this morning.  At the end, I did say, “In the words of your Mother, Karma is a bitch.”  That is not a threat, it is a common belief.   I also emailed him, in the subject line put “Con Artist!! CON ARTIST!!!”.

5 hours later, he actually called me.  No, he swears he cared and still cares about me, and he didn’t “con” me.  “Why would I have called you if I didn’t care?”  Well, let’s see here, perhaps you are afraid of what I could do to you.  Or, could it be possible you have a drop of humanity left? Very doubtful, if that were true, he’d have called months ago. I told him something about me that no one else knows, or will know for sure from me.  He is “single” now on Facebook and confirmed that he has gone out with other women that he initiated dates with.  Gee, one who cares so much sure can move on quickly…AND he never wanted to make it public that he was engaged or in a relationship.  Hell, he wouldn’t even be my friend on there!!! Now, that’s a person who is hiding something.

I asked why he wasn’t seeing either anymore.  He just said, “They weren’t for me.”  And also that one lived in a million dollar home, so if he was a user, why didn’t he pursue her?  Most likely, she was a strong, smart woman who he knew could see through his “charms”.  The other, she lived even further away than me.  No doubt she was too, a strong and smart woman. Maybe I’m wrong, but history has proven me to be right. He said he still wanted to be with me, but only if we could go forward. No, I couldn’t unless we dealt with the past, AND he would own up to all he said and did that was wrong.  There’s no way I would now anyway. He’d never own up AND he’s been out with other women who HE initiated dates with.

For so long, I blamed myself entirely.  I now realize this is NOT the case.  He still will not own up to anything, and accepts no responsibility. Yes, it may take 2, but I am not to blame for everything.  He took advantage of me, and he will to the next female who appears a weak and easy target.  I had much to offer him in the first 4 1/2 years we were together. The last year, not so much, but there was clear potential I could.  The man will take you to hell and leave you there to die, no matter how many days, months or years it takes.  When he has nothing more to gain from you, he will cease contact with you.  I truly believed he would never leave me, or let me go.  After the things I’ve done throughout our relationship, most would have left me a long time ago, not continue to promise me such things.  Perhaps my Bipolar Disorder is something he could no longer handle.  A coincidence that he left me to die when I ran out of resources?  I think not.  There is more proof than not that he deceived me the whole time.  And, he told me that most of his ex-girlfriends were “crazy”.  Since that appears to be the truth, my guess is all of us “exes” were susceptible for being easy targets of an inhumane con-artist.

To late now, anyway.  I’ve came clean to people about him and myself.  And I know my son would lose any ounce of respect he has left for me.  If I lost him,  I would truly have nothing left to live for.

I gave Voldemort so many outs through the years. No, he insisted he loved me, he waited his whole life for me, I was his dream girl, he wasn’t letting me go, no matter what, and would never leave me.  Like I said, it’s no coincidence that he “let me go” when it was quite clear I had nothing left to offer him.  The anger is so strong, I never thought I was capable of feeling this way.  But I have no love left for him. I care not what happens to him or his business.  He no longer has my heart, he burned it and blew the ashes into the wind.  What’s beating inside my chest is now nothing more than what the Wizard gave to the Tin Man (except mine is black)-fake.  And with news I’ve recently received, that will break in a matter of time as well. I suppose it’s a contest now.  My lungs are blacker than the fake heart, and I continue to make them even darker, at a faster rate.

I realize throughout this blog, you may think, “Wow! No wonder!  She is f*****g crazy!”  Please click the link to the blog post above.  Read and try to picture yourself in my shoes.   I trusted him, trusted him with things that I’ve never told anyone.  I believe he will retaliate, and do whatever he can to hurt and humiliate me even more, possibly even do and say things to harm the man he took me away from I spent 18 years with.  He’ll tell lies and attempt to cause people I care about harm and some form of humiliation as well.  Oh, my dear Voldemort, you have taught me well.  I’m sure not everyone out there is like you, but thanks to you, I’ll always believe everyone is.

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